The Stalker at Night

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Julienne Holmes

Publisher : America Star Books

The Stalker at Night

ABOUT Julienne Holmes

Julienne Holmes
I'm anĀ emerging writer, who has not yet reached author status.



Samantha Jones has always had to suffer from the constant emotional abuse from her past relationships. When she finally breaks away from another emotionally abusive relationship, she meets Aleron Savoi. Aleron is a mystery, who brings with him passion that will ignite a long dead flame inside her. Yet, she knows nothing about him and his secretive past suddenly makes an uninvited appearance.

When Samantha feels the eyes of the dark forest on her at night, she realizes that her watcher comes in the form of a ominous white wolf. There is a deadly obsession forming in this wolf's eyes, and Samantha realizes that she is in danger and that this wolf is out for her blood.
If she wants to survive the dark, she must put her trust in Aleron, and let him protect her.

Is a paranormal romance, told in the first person...