The Killvein White

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Ralph Reynolds
An award-winning author and editor, Ralph Reynolds has written fiction and non-fiction books. He has written widely about sports, nature, economics and agriculture. His writing has appeared in periodicals ranging from The Wall Street Journal to The Saturday Evening Post. Ralph currently l More...


What happens when doomsday descends upon a remote ski village? This stark tale of progression to disaster answers that question with a tumbling journey that delivers menace, debauchery, heroism, renewed friendships and lost souls.
In this riveting tale you'll meet a dedicated snow ranger confronting not only the travails of his present situation, but ghosts from his past; a sexy, smart statistician struggling to be heard in order to avert the pending disaster; a tough and cynical engineer who discovers a skeleton lurking in his closet and a plethora of fully realized characters who are forced to contemplate their mortality and morality.
The Killvein White sets this truly human drama against a cruel and icy landscape. But by the time the thaw arrives redemption and forgiveness may rule the day....for some.