ABOUT Alexander McKinney

Alexander McKinney
Alexander McKinney first discovered his love of Fantasy with 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight.' From there he proceeded to devour every novel of Dragonlance mythology that he could find. His lifelong obsession with the genre can undoubtedly be laid at the feet of Margaret Weis & Tracey Hick More...



Centuries after the God War, the seat of mortal power rests in Quaylence, City of the Dead Gods.

Quaylence stands at the crossroads between the Deific Realm and the Mortal World. It is a city where the living can meet the Dead. Pilgrims journey to pay respects to lost relatives, and sometimes, sometimes they are elevated and join the ranks of the GodSplinters, once-mortals infused with a fragment from one of the dead gods.

Lerin was one such pilgrim. Now he lives in Quaylence as a Splinter of Karnast, God of Thieves and Scholars. Heir to Aspects of Karnast’s might, he is ageless and forever changed. These changes came with a cost. The mortal half of his soul sleeps while the god in him is active. The god in him Slumbers while his mortal half is active.

Lerin’s Slumbers are long and his mortal half has developed a taste for self-mutilation.

Now he has awoken missing one of his deific Aspects, and part of his left hand.