A Saved Soul

Young Adult, Horror, General Fiction

By Catherine Putsche

Publisher : CreateSpace

A Saved Soul

ABOUT Catherine Putsche

catherine putsche
Catherine Rose Putsche is a British author and a native speaker who teaches English as a second language to young and adult learners in Austria. Originally from the North of England where she graduated in software engineering and had a successful career as a systems administrator before di More...



Detective Inspectors Michael and Barbra Redgrave are planning a surprise journey through Europe for their two teenage twin boys, Nathaniel and Jonathon. 

Smelling, a brutal child killer has just gained his freedom after ten years of being locked away from society with one thing on his mind, vengeance! In response to a grievance with the two detectives who took away his freedom, as one of those detectives was Michael Redgrave.

Without further warning the large black oil tanker that Smelling is driving starts ramming the Redgrave’s Fuji white range rover into the dark tunnel walls repeatedly, crushing it, until it becomes apparent upon further inspection that they are no living survivors.

When the emergency services arrive with their specialised cutting equipment, they find that there’s only one survivor who’s in a critical condition.

Against all odds Jonathon survives remembering very little of the accident, until his dead twin brother comes to his rescue in spiritual form as a ghost.  Nathaniel vows to help and protect his brother from the ruthless killer who now wants to take Jonathon’s life and will go to any extreme to fulfil his mission.