Operation Werwolf

ABOUT Tom Kane

Tom Kane
Tom Kane was born in the English Midlands in 1955. After a career as a computer programmer, Kane has started writing and publishing his own fiction novels. He lives in Cyprus with his wife and their two Springer Spaniels.


At the end of World War II, the Allies discover Nazi plans to destroy London with a nuclear bomb.
The race is on to avert nuclear annihilation and to steal the Nazi secrets... from each other.

The Roots of Operation Werwolf The idea for this story came from my Dad's stories about his experiences in World War 2. The death of Odilo Globocnik in the story is based on truth, my father was the sergeant who got him to confess to his true identity. The rest of the story is pure imagination, although there are elements of truth in there too. There was an Allied operation geared up to find and retrieve Nazi secret weapons. This was called Operation Paperclip. Some of the secrets discovered led directly to the Apollo moon landings in the late sixties and early seventies. There was an experimental jet bomber, called the Horten 229. The Nazis did carry out experiments aimed at creating a nuclear bomb.

5* Kindle Review
Excellent read. Could not stop reading until I had finished it.
I will be looking out for more kindle books from the same author.
Great stuff. I really liked the beginning, the letter from Einstein. That definitely set me up for expecting lots of catastrophic action and mayhem to come.
Well this is a rollicking read! Great stuff mate! Loving how you told the funeral and then her telling the story at the bar! Liking this a lot mate! A lot of realism and blood and guts too. Awesome!
I accidentally found the book while looking for another one, I'm glad I did. The book is a fiction, but written has if it really happen. There are so many things happening, that you really need to pay attention. The author hints about things not being what you think it is. Tom Kane does let you know, "what if the Nazis had a A-Bomb."