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Jan Hurst-Nicholson
Jan Hurst-Nicholson has been reliably informed that website biographies are usually written in the third person, giving them the air of being penned by an authoritative third party (allowing the author carte-blanche to embellish without the restraints of false modesty). Hurst-Nicholson is  More...



Restoring discipline at a girls’ academy should have been easy for a former US Naval Officer. It wasn't, nor was it easy dealing with an all-female staff.

Adam Wild, controversially appointed as Head of St Mary’s Academy in northern England, considers himself well equipped to bring order back to the school - and he’s not about to take No for an answer. Still in love with his late wife, he believes himself immune to the temptations of the female staff.

Fiercely independent Jenna Murray has learned that she does not need a man in her life; especially the arrogant Adam Wild who has stolen the headship she feels should have been hers. She undermines his authority at every turn, until even the girls recognise the underlying emotion in their constant sparring. Determined to bring him down, an allegation by a troubled girl is just the ammunition she needs - so why does she hesitate to use it?

But then Nicole, Adam’s late wife’s tearaway kid sister returns from Africa with a life-threatening condition and a startling request, one that Adam is unsure he can fulfil, forcing both Adam and Jenna to re-evaluate their feelings about love.

Lust shouts. Love whispers. Only the heart knows the difference.

Intrigue, scandal, suspense, and romance peppered with humour tell how one man’s influence on a school of wayward girls and their teachers changes their lives in ways none of them would imagine – and eventually his own.