Rumble Young Man Rumble

ABOUT Dante Zuniga-West

Dante Zuniga-West
Dante Zúñiga-West is a storyteller who escaped from Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Evergreen State College and the Cal Arts MFA Writing Program. His fiction has been published in numerous literary journals, both online and in print; his journalism, in alternative newspapers and adventu More...



At odds with his life and angry at the world, Quinton heads to a new town for a fresh start in life. He spends his time getting mindlessly drunk, compulsively renting movies at a local video store, and befriending a homeless guy named King Henry. His one aim in life is to forget. He stumbles, quite literally, into a gym where an intense group of people is training to become Muay Thai fighters. The irresistible pull of fighting forces Quinton to focus all of his anger. Somehow, between squaring off against brutally efficient martial artists and falling for a beautiful religion-shopping video store employee, Quinton learns the glaring truth behind an age-old prizefighting mantra: there are many fights in life, not all of which occur in the ring.