Retribution of an American Dream

ABOUT R. L. Vogeler

R. L. Vogeler
R. L. Vogeler lives in Rockford, IL where he grew up reading horror novels from authors like Stephen King.

At an early age Vogeler discovered he enjoyed story telling. Through books and films he began to notice his love of the horror genre.

Today, R. L. Vogeler is t More...



Jack Decker, former family man and novelist is now a serial killer on the loose. With the death of his family's killer behind him, Jack now seeks revenge against the government agency that trained him to be a killer. Jack hunts down each of the twelve agents one by one - while the media takes interest in his murders, he must stay cautious as he tracks his targets across country. Former police detective Ridge Deveraux, now a private investigator is hot on Jack's trail as well as a new enemy: a crime lord and his family from Jack's home town chases leads to find Jack for himself - and avenge his loved one that was murdered by Decker. Jack is determined to not let anyone stand in his way of finishing what he has started - however his greatest challenge yet is the young woman who is beginning to mend his broken mind and heart. "Retribution of an American Dream" is the second book in R. L. Vogeler's trilogy that will set the stage for new players and a conclusion that will leave you wanting more.