The Tale of the Endless Trail (Wonderfully Dark Rhymes Book 1)

ABOUT Jessy Jules

Jessy Jules
I'm the author of the Wonderfully Dark Rhymes for children series which inclues The Tale of the Endless Trail and The Piper.



Tilly Tate is on a quest to find a boy long believed to be lost in the dark woods. But not all stories are true, and not all who are lost want to be found.

This a wonderfully dark rhyme for kids aged 2 - 8 years.

"The trees all twisted and groaned and whined
The roots were endless and warped and entwined
Tilly wondered deep down if she’d make it home
Or if forever in these woods she’d be forced to now roam"

Enjoy this fun, original illustrated rhyme for children!

800 words, 12 pictures.