Harmonic Deception

By Barbara Reed

Publisher : Rare Sound Press

ABOUT Barbara Reed

Barbara Reed
Harmonic Deception:  Does a tragic childhood excuse murder? I've been a Jazz and Pop singer-songwriter my whole life with a burning desire to write about the characters I encounter in and around the music business, along with how they interact with the world around us... which lead to a  More...


I've made my living as a musician my whole life, and having been bitten by the writing bug early on, started writing my own songs. That turned into writing a whole series about what I considered an entire group of people who are very much misunderstood--today's musicians! The old stereotype of these self-absorbed, child-like creatures who sleep till noon and party all night was never accurate, but as time has gone on and the world has changed, that stereotype couldn't be more wrong. But the dream...how does that continue in this "Indie" world? Well, it's tough. Very, very tough. Yet determined people like Liz Hanlon--the protagonist in Harmonic Deception and High Notes Are Murder" (along with Book 3 which is coming soon) find a way. Isn't that usually how it works out--if you must do it, you'll find a way. So she did, as did the whole cast of characters. PLUS--you can actually hear the songs they write! They are not just words on the page; you can hear them sung live by Liz Hanlon herself on any of my recordings--at present they are: "On Stage" by Barbara Reed (that's me of course) and you'll receive the "High Notes Are Murder Soundtrack" free with the purchase of both books. The soundtrack has songs written exactly about the storyline and characters. I'm finding that readers love the idea of being involved, so while I only hoped for the best when I began releasing music with books, the process has opened my eyes to the fact the readers really like it! Thanks so much for your kind reviews on Amazon and BarbaraReed.org.

This email sent from Barbara Eden (I Dream Of Jeanie) to John Byrnes Public Relations.
Hi John, I want to thank so much for the book Harmonic Deception.  I really enjoyed reading it.  Your client Barbara Reed is a terrific author with an exceptional talent.
Hope things are well with you.  Say hello to Monte.
Thanks again my friend. 
"Barbara's not only an accomplished performer but also an author of mystery novels. There's a novelistic quality of patient observation to her work. Writing novels centered around the music business with mystery and intrigue. Reed's first High Notes are Murd...ER" with the recent follow-up, "Harmonic Deception." Both based on fact and fiction. The critics all agree that her novels are a must read for any mystery loving fan. Music and novels available at Amazon.com, ITunes and Borders online.