ABOUT David Gelber

David Gelber
  David Gelber, a New York native, is the seventh of nine sons and one of three to pursue medicine. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1980 and went on to graduate medical school in 1984 from the University of Rochester. He completed a residency in General Surgery at Baylor U More...



Visit the “Night Clinic,” the realm of Dr. Barnes and Nurse James. At this place, these caring professionals treat an ever-changing cast of bizarre and diverse characters -- sufferers who come to their Clinic after struggling through this troubled world. Broken,beaten, ailing, or just tired, they pass through the doors of this inner city clinic looking for a cure, a kind word, and a helping hand. Ordinary folks, refugees, spies, superheroes, gangsters, monsters, and many others seeking simple medical solutions, come to the clinic and find healing for their bodies, minds, and souls. With intriguing names like Evella, Goddess of the Night, Curley and Cupcake, Captain Surgery and Medusa, they suffer sore throats, heart attacks, stab wounds and even fleas. All have one commonality: they enter the Night Clinic and gain not only their health, but a chance to find happiness and peace. Fasten your seat belts as you embark on a wild ride surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of the Night Clinic. Truly, it is an amazing, unforgettable journey.

"NIght Clinic: is a unique collection of short stories which combine very real medical conditions with the mystical and magical. The book is unforgettable and will leave you spellbound.