ANONYMOUS 1: Remember the 5th of November

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Edouard Brasey
Edouard Brasey, novelist, essayist, scriptwriter and story-teller, author of more than seventy works, many of which have been translated into English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese et Italian. He specialises in the themes of the esoteric, fables, legends and fantasy. He won severa More...



“1 – Who are the members of Anonymous?

“The perfect Anon must remain at all times and under all circumstances completely anonymous. We have no name, no identity, no official identification, no Social Security number, no bank account, no home loan or debts of any kind, no credit cards, no telephone number, no driver’s license, no voter registration number, no house, no family, no partner and no children.

“The Anon has nothing. Not even a face. When in public view with other Anons, we wear a mask depicting Guy Fawkes, the first of the Anons.”

Discover the strange and magnificent story of the Anonymous from Guy Fawkes's  Gunpowder's Plot until the Anonymous of today. A thrilling adventure.