Through the Eyes of Maria: Consequences

ABOUT Lissette Ortiz

Lissette Ortiz
Lissette Ortiz resides in New York City with her two children, Krystal & Matthew. She discovered her passion for writing at the age of thirteen when she began writing a collection of short stories. Through the Eyes of Maria: Choices is her first published novel.



(Book 2 of 2) Maria’s life shifts course when destiny brings her into the arms of Christian. His earnest kindness and generosity offer the potential for a future she never imagined possible. Afraid of pushing Christian away, Maria changes her identity and buries her sordid past.

But when the truth threatens to expose her calculated deception, will Maria find the courage to face her demons and salvage all that's at stake?

Or will Maria be forced to accept that she simply cannot outrun the shadows that chase her?