Victoria's Peace

Victoria's Peace

ABOUT Tom Koelsch

Tom Koelsch
Mr. Koelsch is a graduate of the University of South Florida located in Tampa Florida. He taught English for thirty-two years at a number of different educational levels, but is now retired and living in Largo, Florida. After years of attending night classes, he finally was able to acquire More...



Imagine Huckleberry Finn, sold and subsequently adopted at birth through an underground market, waking up in an urban world of wealth, a dysfunctional family, ROTC prep schools and trussed in a stubborn and unforgiving religion. Add to this an illicit love story, a mystery to resolve, a psychological thriller, and Victoria, an indomitable alter ego who abducts Huckleberry only to set him free in one of the cleverest escape adventures of all time. Told with a blistering pace, absolute unpredictability, a movie like read, and a frugality of words unmatched, this book can be worn in your hip pocket until read on the way to work.

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