Follow Me! Tales of a Human Piste Map

Follow Me!  Tales of a Human Piste Map

ABOUT Louise Warman

Louise Warman
Louise Warman was born in London in the late sixties, but raised in suburban Berkshire. Careers as an archaeologist, chef, bookshop manager and occasional ski instructor have been and gone and she has found her niche as a not yet self sufficient gardener in the foothills of the French Pyre More...


Cally Johnson is fleeing an unrequited love affair by swapping her dead-end job and a dreary London winter for a dead-end job and a snowy winter in the French Alps.

Hopelessly scatterbrained and disorganised can she find the love of her life, a sense of purpose, those missing socks and the guests she left behind at a mountain restaurant? And will that carbon fibre brace hold her suspect knee together for an entire ski season?

Meet Cally, ski guide and chalet host, your Human Piste Map. Would you follow her?