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Like London Buses

ABOUT Louise Warman

Louise Warman
Louise Warman was born in London in the late sixties, but raised in suburban Berkshire. Careers as an archaeologist, chef, bookshop manager and occasional ski instructor have been and gone and she has found her niche as a not yet self sufficient gardener in the foothills of the French Pyre More...


Cally is recovering from a broken leg, a broken heart and a few broken dreams, when she falls off her bike right in front of the rather delicious and very distracting Leaf Sweeping Man. The attraction is mutual, instant and fiery but something is not quite right. What really did happen to his wife? And surely wife killers don’t buy wine by the glass?
And then along comes the sweet and kind, sensible option, Mr Dependable, Mr Future, Mr Just-a-touch-dull.
Both men have secrets. Both men have designs on her.
Will she live for the moment or plan for the future? Or risk trying both?

Cally first appeared in Follow Me! Tales of a Human Piste Map