Turbo the Flying Dog (Volume 1)

Turbo the Flying Dog (Volume 1)

ABOUT Kelly Kennedy

Kelly Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy is a newspaper publisher and minored in creative writing in college. She believes strongly in animal rescue and animal advocacy. Her dog, Olive, has a cameo in the book and will debut in the sequel, and is a schnoodle (part schnauzer, part poodle) She has been living a life o More...



Turbo wants nothing more than to leave his boring life at the pound behind. The day he discovers his wish is coming true he is terrified to learn that he will have to take an airplane, which another dog describes as “a big metal machine that makes noises in the sky,” to his new home. With the help of his new family, this rescue dog overcomes his fears learning to love aviation after taking a turn at the controls. Turbo the Flying Dog is a light hearted aviation children’s book series for ages 4-8.