Apple Annie Small Is Special (Release March 2015)

Family & Relationships, Young Adult, Children's Books

By Tom Krueger

Publisher : Donkey Publishing

Apple Annie Small Is Special (Release March 2015)

ABOUT Tom Krueger

Tom Krueger
Born in Michigan and raised on a working farm, T.W. Krueger developed his love and appreciation for animals at an early age. 




Apple Annie is a delightful little donkey that was born and lives at Brayfields Miniature Donkey farm in Odessa, Florida. This inspiring story shows children that big or small, tall or short, donkeys and children are all very special. This little donkey will capture your heart as she finds out that small is special. Written by Award Winning Author T.W. Krueger and longtime breeder of miniature donkeys. The author is inspired by the intelligence and the loving personalities of miniature donkeys.