Heirs of Glory

ABOUT Tim Doutreval

Tim Doutreval
All the young Tim Doutreval wanted to do was write and fence. From the time he was six, he would sneak downstairs to watch Errol Flynn movies in the middle of the night. Doutreval missed his first opportunity to fence as a teen at a military academy, which was a good thing because he is no More...



London and Paris 1888. Calvin Sheridan has a pretty boring life until he is prodded to go find a childhood friend. When he finds her brutally murdered, he goes on a quest to solve her murder. Along the way, he gets help from French fencing master Etienne Lefevre. They explore secret societies, hidden codes, duels, and radicals. Calvin discovers that there was much more to it than a simple murder. Will the lessons learned in the fencing room help Calvin Sheridan? Find out. Start the adventure today!