Fiction At My Fingertips


CS Reid
CS Reid holds a MFA in Writing & Critical Theory from Otis College of Art & Design; M.Ed. in Cross-Cultural Teaching/English from National University. 

Her work has appeared in diverse publications—most notably are: The Truth About the Fact: International Journal of More...


Lois is a voracious writer.

To say that she is a budding writer

would be the understatement

of the millennium.

Recounts about her family vacations

ooze out the very pores of her skin

before becoming transplanted

in the pages of her trusty journal.

When her language arts teacher,                                                                    

Ms. Williams, informs the class                                                                    

that they will be participating in the

Golden Quill Fiction Contest,

Lois is catapulted into the stratosphere.

However, an unfortunate mishap

could derail Lois’ literary debut.

Lois typifies the voracious writer that I was when I was a child. All YA writers have a childlike inner voice that shines through their main characters. Lois personifies a brilliant, budding writer who acknowledges her eccentricities and her burgeoning, literary talents.