The Light of Drombar

ABOUT Rosamunde Bott

Rosamunde Bott
I am mainly a writer of historical novels, though I have also have a children's fantasy book.  I am also a professional genealogist, and my novels often have a family history theme - I love the way ancestry links us to the past.


Transported by a magic stone to the land of Drombar, four children find themselves on a quest to save its people from the darkness that is creeping over the land. They must travel to the most dangerous place of all – the source of the darkness and the evil Lord Saedor – and restore the light. Along the way they are aided by a wizard, a prince and a dwarf, among others, but there are many unexpected dangers in store and each child will have his or her own personal challenge to face by the time they reach their journey’s end...

I had the idea for this story a very long time ago - during the 1st Gulf War. The sight of Saddam Hussein's burning oil slicks in the gulf, and the clouds of black smoke that resulted, seemed symbolic of the way that evil deeds can cloud people in ignorance and block them from the light of compassion and enlightenment. I set out to write a children's story where the creeping darkness is threatening to destroy the minds of the people of Drombar - and children from our world are sent to conquer it and bring back the light. It's been a long time getting here - but I think it was worth the wait!

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