Every Hero Has Demons (Demonslayer Book 1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Cassandra Leuthold

Publisher : Green Hill Press

ABOUT Cassandra Leuthold

Cassandra Leuthold
Cassandra started creating outside-the-box, character-driven stories in second grade.  Over twenty years later, she continues to combine what most people think of as opposites: the magical and the everyday, the modern and the vintage, the darkest recesses of the mind and the greatest heig More...


Is it better to lie that you’re good or be honest you’re bad?

As Demonslayer, 8th-grade counselor Joshua Thompson helps people get over the memories that hurt them the most. But it doesn’t mean his life is perfect or that he knows where his psychic power came from. Meeting someone with her own unexplained ability could rekindle Joshua’s hope in humanity, or trying to be like her could leave him wrestling with a whole new choice.

Every Hero Has Demons is book 1 of 9 in the Demonslayer series. Download it for free on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and more!