Playing It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety --- Let's Rap and Rhyme

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By Seymour Lessans

Publisher : Safeworld Publishing Company

Playing It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety --- Let's Rap and Rhyme

ABOUT Seymour Lessans

Seymour Lessans
Seymour Lessans was born on September 29, 1918 in Newark, New Jersey. He passed away on January 29, 1991.  He was the third of four brothers. All through his life he had a tremendous thirst for knowledge, and after many years of extensive reading and thinking he made a discovery about the More...



Playing it Safe with Mr. See-More Safety -- Let's Rap and Rhyme --- is the first book of its kind dedicated to helping children learn what it means to be safety conscious in all areas of life. The poetic style offers children a way to remember important concepts through the use of repetition and rhyme. As children listen to the poems, they will begin to refer to them in their everyday lives. The character, Mr. See-More Safety, was created to be a friend to children by encouraging them to make safer choices. Although entertainment is important so children will not lose interest, the  These rhymes are filled with vital information which parents sometimes assume children already know, but in reality, may not. By receiving valuable safety instruction at an early age, children will have the chance to develop sound habits that will help them throughout their lives. 
     Playing It Safe with Mr. See-More Safety was written for children of all ages. Parents can enjoy the illustrations and as children begin to read, the rhymes will reinforce the illustrations which they have already become familiar with. By observing and carefully discussing each scene with a parent or teacher, children will learn to identify the kinds of situations that could lead to an accident. As children enter each new stage of development, they will have a better understanding of "cause and effect" and the connection between their actions and the consequences that could follow. It is our hope that Mr. See-More Safety will become a role model so children will have a strong desire to imitate him. His positive influence will help children resist negative peer pressure to act in an irresponsible or dangerous manner. Mr. See-More Safety's goal is to teach children how to identify serious risks in their environment and find ways to eliminate them where they have the power to do so. He approaches the topic of safety in a gentle fashion but due to the seriousness of the subject matter the illustrations, as well as the text, must send a powerful message and cannot be compromised. Some of the terminology will be new and may need to be defined, but the words will become automatic as the vocabulary is repeated over and over and understood in context. A glossary has been included for this purpose. To help children feel the rhythm and express the poems in tempo, the symbol (...) indicated where to pause will be used throughout the book. 
     The issue of safety continues to be our first priority because our children are our most precious gifts. We hope Mr. See-More Safety becomes a welcome partner in the effort to help children think critically and perceptively, thereby preventing the conditions that so often lead to tragedy. We must make every effort to give our children the tools that will help them to be as safe as possible.

My name is Mr. See-More Safety and this is my story. One day I was standing on the corner stuck on my post. You see, I’m a stop sign and it is my job to tell cars when to stop. During my years on the job I saw children doing many dangerous things such as running after a ball that had rolled in the street, or forgetting to look both ways when crossing. I prayed that I would come alive to help kids everywhere learn important safety rules. My wish came true when one day I woke up and I could move around. I wasn’t stuck on my post anymore. But first I had to make sure that my friend, Maddie, would take over my post. She agreed and wished me good luck on my new adventure. I know you will enjoy it here and learn a whole lot so that you can become “SAFE SMART KIDS”!

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When I first got this book to review, I could hardly believe my eyes. It truly is a compilation of little songs about safety to be sung as rap songs! The idea, of course, is to provide children with crucial safety information in terms of risks to themselves in order for them to make informed choices. There are rhymes about everything from bike helmets to guns, from furniture safety to riding with strangers. It could effectively be used by teachers.

Awesome book and I would recommend it to anyone with small kids. Thanks so much for a great book! -- Reviewer: RHONDA B. 

The book "Playing It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety" is an added addition to our library system. After searching the shelves to see if there is a true need for this book, no other book discussed so many safety concepts pertinent to young children. The books found were for the very young and were extremely limited in the content and presentation. This book has a definite market value and needs to be on every library shelf. Our children deserve it! --Baltimore County Library Association