ABOUT SDZ Whitaker

SDZ Whitaker
I am a chubby, pink Shrek lookalike and have just recently published my first book. It took about 2 years to write and I am really quite proud to have finished it. In my life I have had a variety of jobs ranging from the interesting to mind numbingly boring, including being a croupier and  More...



200 years after aliens first made contact with the human race at Roswell, Benjamin Billington stares blankly at the giant lizard on the flickering screen. He was the official liaison between humanity and the Azranaal. Not that anyone knew it though sadly. He was part of the Company, the shadowy remnants of the CIA that had maintained this secret relationship for the last two centuries. His role consisted mostly of listening to this blow hard alien talk about his superior genetic structure and fantasising about his boss Elizabeth. Unbeknownst to him that was all going to change soon thanks to one man.

Dr. Edgar Drake was recognised as the foremost scientist in the world and had just made the breakthrough that humanity had been waiting for. An engine capable of light speed. Sadly for him though he work with the smallest and least well funded faction on the planet. Together with the Prime Minister he was going to have to beg, steal and borrow the equipment needed to piece together a ship that would finally take them to the edge of their solar system and beyond. Sitting waiting were the Azranaal who had been growing impatient after two centuries to enact the final stage of their plans for humans.