Catherine's Pascha: A Celebration of Easter in the Orthodox Church

Christian Books, Children's Books

By Charlotte Riggle

Publisher : Phoenix Flair Press

ABOUT Charlotte Riggle

Charlotte Riggle
Charlotte Riggle been a writer most of her life, although Catherine's Pascha is her first children's book. Her children are mostly grown now. She and her husband share a charming old house full of books and music, her grandmother's paintings, and a large, fluffy, white dog.


Catherine's Pascha is a beautiful children's picture book about a perfectly ordinary young girl at Pascha, the Orthodox Christian celebration of Easter.

Catherine doesn't like vegetables. She doesn't like naps. She doesn't like it when her mom combs her hair. She loves hot dogs, chocolate cake, and her best friend, Elizabeth. Most of all, she loves Pascha!

Pascha! It's celebrated in the middle of the night, with processions and candles and bells and singing. And Catherine insists that she's not a bit sleepy.

When my children were young, I always gave them picture books for Christmas. There were so many books to choose from! There were stories of Christ's birth, of course. There were also silly stories, old stories, stories about families, stories about children, stories of kindness and redemption, stories about customs from around the world. We had them all! I wanted to give my children picture books for Easter as well, but I couldn't find the same range of stories. I found books that told the story of Christ’s resurrection, and I found silly stories. But that was all. Since I couldn’t find the book that I wanted, I finally decided to write it. I loved the story, but I knew it had to be a picture book, and so I waited for an illustrator. And now, with the gorgeous illustrations by R.J. Hughes, there's no more waiting. The book is complete. Take a look at this excerpt. I hope you love it as much as I do!

His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh (GOA):

Through an inspired interplay of text and image, author Charlotte Riggle and illustrator R.J. Hughes have created something truly wonderful: a story about a particular Paschal celebration that transcends its specificity and embraces the world. This little book has a deep heart and enormous vision, simple enough to engage young readers and profound enough to inspire their parents.

Matushka Wendy Cwiklinski, Orthodox Christian Religious Educator, Orthodox Church in America:

Catherine’s Pascha provides a lovely depiction of the Orthodox Christian Easter celebration through a child’s eyes. It weaves a tapestry of the many cultures that are part of the Orthodox Church in the world, and is a great addition to both personal and public libraries!

Jane G Meyer, author of The Hidden Garden and The Man and the Vine:

Catherine’s Pascha captures beautifully the enthusiasm and excitement a child feels and experiences on Pascha. The Feast of Feasts, the brightest day in the Orthodox Church, what wonderful subject matter to share with a child on any day of the year. My wholehearted congratulations on producing such a joy-filled book!

Tracy Thallas, liturgical and blackwork embroidery designer:

… a beautiful picture book about the celebration of Pascha (Easter, in the Orthodox Church), seen through the eyes of a child … wonderful story, with magical illustrations …