ABOUT Leesa Wallace

Leesa Wallace
I am an British author who enjoys writing a wide variety of material, including horror, poetry, sci-fi and dark humour.  As of last year, I have also been running my own publishing company, Wallace Publishing, which can be found at www.wallacepublishing.weebly.com. I live in the South E More...



Nat & Spud are young and in love. One slight drawback; they are homeless.

They spend their days eking out an existence on the cold, uncompromising streets of London. All they want is a roof over their heads.

So they go looking for the perfect squat. One that will offer them some much needed respite.

However, they get a lot more than they bargained for when they find an old, abandoned psychiatric hospital and use it as their squat.

Is it the spirits of the inmates that roam the creepy old mental hospital, or a more human nemesis that threatens their very existence?

SQUAT is the first solo story by acclaimed writer Leesa Wallace.