Patchwork Pieces (Patchwork People Book 3)

ABOUT Debrah (D.B) Martin

Debrah (D.B) Martin
I would describe myself as the ultimate multi-tasker. Sometimes I even have to remind myself who I am for the day! That’s because I write under three different pen names and in three very different genres. As Debrah Martin I write literary fiction. I also plot fast-paced and compelling  More...



When Lawrence Juste QC, gentleman and liar, originally championed the case of the boy who reminded him of himself, he couldn’t have known precisely how much like him the boy would turn out to be. Or that the boy’s past was already as entangled in murder and betrayal as his own.

Now the wheel has turned full circle. The past is the present, the betrayed are the betrayers and only the ultimate sacrifice can save both Juste and the boy. The only question ultimately remaining, as the patchwork completes:

Who will be sacrificed?

Patchwork Pieces is the final book in the Patchwork People trilogy of murder, mystery and lethal romance.

“Complex, intriguing, shocking – a real thriller!’

“Twisty, twisty…love the characters, love the detail, love the unusual progress towards justice.”

“A real Pandora’s box of a series…”

Every dog has his day and Lawrence Juste, QC, once top dog in the UK’s courtrooms, is about to have his worst one ever. With a witness to somehow bring back from the dead and a vulnerable child to protect, there are more victims than ways out of the conspiracy he’s uncovered. To unravel who he can trust, he’s forced to delve deeper into his own family mystery to find out who he and they really are. What he finds is worse than ugly, it’s lethal. Lawrence believes in justice and the law, even if he doesn’t always adhere to them, but this time it seems only the ultimate sacrifice – or a dramatic form of natural justice – can provide what the courtroom can’t. The only question is: which? Patchwork Pieces is the third and final book in the Patchwork People mystery suspense trilogy.

"In the first two volumes, the Lawrence we first meet has slowly changed, growing into a completely different person by the time we reach Volume three. The cold and calculating QC has been swept aside to reveal a Lawrence of a deeper quality – though still just as cunning. The unexpected death of his wife threw his life under a microscope, dragging his past to the light and changing the landscape of his present. Then there was Danny – a young man facing manslaughter…a young man that only Lawrence could help, a young man Lawrence was compelled to help. Then his house burned down.
Events have conspired to bring this talented Barrister to this point in time, faced with a truth that will both bless and curse him. The lime light is not the place for one with secrets, yet the press finds the QC’s life…. Hot.
It takes a talented author to compose works in so many genres, and do it well. The voice penned in the Patchwork Trilogy speaks differently than the words uttered in the YA novels written under the name Lily Stuart (which, by the way, you should look up). Both tones are unique, displaying a talent that made me enjoy this series even more. While this may be the last in the Trilogy, it can serve as a standalone novel – though digesting the first two volumes lays the groundwork for this startling culmination."

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