The Button Chronicles

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Juniko Moody

Publisher : Outskirts Press

ABOUT Juniko Moody

Juniko Moody
This book came out of a growing fascination with human evolution.  It occurred to me that without some type of miraculous change in our very natures mankind may be doomed.  This first in a series of stories about mysterious Button devices that cause people to disappear is my entry into  More...



One day in the dystopian 22nd century, harmless looking Buttons gradually appear from nowhere. When pressed the person disappears. Where do the Buttons come from and where do the people go? No one knows.

Eventually a threshold event, in which a terrorist is broadcast disappearing by Button, triggers a massive increase in the number of Buttons until there is one Button for every person on earth.

The social upheaval of mass and random disappearances questions mankind's very existence and purpose.

A journalist, Alice, must travel down the wormhole to explore the fabric of space, time, matter and the essence of humankind to save herself and others.

Can Alice unravel the secrets of the Buttons and her missing friend before time runs out?

The first in a series of books, it all started with the Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock. I started wondering if there were an energy field that united all of matter and life in the universe. And if that were so, then how many other dimensions must there be that would also contain the same energy? Through that came the idea of a Button that could instantly transport one somewhere else. Although this is not a unique idea, the creation of a futuristic world merely 100 years away grew around the Button(s) and I started researching to develop some speculative concepts of mankind's evolution. An evolution that must happen if the species and the planet are to continue. The main character, Alice, takes on the challenge of solving this paranormal mystery and is less of an 'Alice down the rabbit hole' child than an "Alice down the wormhole' explorer. Through her experiences we will discover the origin of the Buttons and the destiny of mankind.

"I found this to be a most profound and thought provoking book."

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