Uncharted Desires

ABOUT Leatrus Iversen

Leatrus Iversen
Leatrus Iversen lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her adult daughter and teenage son. She is the author of the erotic romance novel Uncharted Desires. Leatrus has been writing for a year and a half and is currently working on two new novels due to release in 2015.



Growing up, Lydia Morrell longed to be accepted, wanted and above all…loved. Her childhood was a series of disappointments and let downs and as she grew older she discovered an easy way to have to the love and affection she desired, sex.
Lydia finally decides to settle down with one man but she finds herself becoming uninterested and sullen with her mundane life; that is until she meets her tall mysterious and gorgeous escape, Gregory Summit. Their sexual chemistry is everything that she has been craving and she cannot get enough of him.
Lydia finds herself falling deep for this seemingly perfect man until a series of events forces her to reconsider her emotions. Will she stay with him despite his flaws and the rumors or will she listen to her mind and not her heart and let him go?