Dream Change: Shamanic Journeying Techniques from the Amazon and Andes

Excerpts & Samples

By John Perkins

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT John Perkins

John Perkins
John Perkins has traveled and worked with South American indigenous peoples since 1968. He currently arranges expeditions into the Amazon and has developed the POLE (Pollution Offset Lease on Earth) program with the Shuar and Achuar peoples as a means of preserving their culture against th More...



Tribal shamans of the Andes and Amazon have long known how to enter an altered state of awareness in which they journey to other locations, seeking the wisdom of inner spiritual guides. During his travels in South America, author and teacher John Perkins has learned these psychic journeying techniques directly from shamans of the Shuar and Quechua peoples. He explains how they perceive nonordinary reality through heightened senses, and like the shamans, he uses rhythmic music to guide you through the process of finding your own power animals and inner guides, as well as exploring your dark side and opposite-sex side, in order to benefit from the physical and spiritual healing they offer us. 

In workshops, in books, and now in this audiocassette, Perkins describes his experiences learning directly from shamans. 

The work of John Perkins continues to bridge the gap between Western culture and that of the indigenous people of the rain forest, facilitating an exchange of knowledge while helping to preserve not only their teachings, but their increasingly fragile environment. 

"With this tape you'll learn the power each of us has to alter reality and to realize our dreams more quickly than we thought possible."

Share Guide, May/June 2000