Pernicious Intent (Miami Book 1)


G.R. Case
G. R. Case resides just outside of the Chicago area with his family. His passion is crafting every story by taking the reader on a journey into the minds of vast characters. In addition to storytelling, he enjoys following his favorite Chicago sports teams. In addition, he has written s More...



Special Agent Diehl sits at his desk wondering whether or not he made the right decision. He taps his fingers on the desk while rubbing the wrinkles on his forehead with the other hand. The last time he oversaw Agent Carlos Perez and Agent Reese Tyler was a couple of years ago. Now, he has made the tough decision to let them work together again in the DEA’s elite, Drug Reactionary Task Force (DRTF).

Tyrus Miller has made a power play to eliminate rival competitors and sell, Smile G, his new illegal designer drug in Miami. Smile G is consumed voraciously on college campuses and nightclubs throughout Florida by using a simple patch. Field Agents Carlos Perez and Reese Tyler of DRTF are charged with taking down Tyrus. DRTF functions as a five-person unit, including Special Agent Diehl. DRTF works within what appears as a dilapidated warehouse on the outside called the Inn on the outskirts of Miami. It is a state of the art clandestine facility inside filled with military weapons, forensic laboratory and exotic cars.