The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids: Moving Day

Children's Books

By Dionna Hayden

Publisher : Lucky Boots

ABOUT Dionna Hayden

Dionna Hayden



It's a new beginning for the trio, but can they handle the change?

It's moving day for the family, but young siblings Kyla, Devin and Kris-Alex are not quite feeling it! Join them on the first of many journeys as they encounter the realities of life from their unique and colorful perspective.

Life with twins and a high energy little boy can be quite the adventure. So much so, The Cookie-Flower Rock kids author and illustrator, Dionna L. Hayden, decided to write the series based on the lives of her very own children! Dionna believes positive changes in the world begins with strong families. As a supporter of building healthy communities, she has actively participated in outreach programs for almost 20 years, including youth mentorship. After she and her husband became parents of their twin daughters and son, she realized the urgency of parents properly equipping their children very early with the needed insight to live and lead productive lives. Her hope through The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids series is to bring an element of color and fun to the life learning experience for children while bringing families closer together.

A Wonderful Tool to Help Parents
"So many times parents find great difficulty in talking with their children about challenging topics, such as change. ‘Moving Day’ is a wonderful tool to help parents do just that. I love both the explanation about the series and opportunities available for the stories shared, but also the additional insight around how you can engage in a dialogue with your children about the meaning itself. Change can be very scary for children, but when approached with honesty and openness, they can choose to see change as an adventure and something to embrace. The story provides a great way to start that conversation."

Candy Barone, 
CEO & Founder
You Empowered Strong, LLC

Illustrative Genius
"Most unique about The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids series experience is the instructive trek encountered in each book. Through illustrative genius and witty dialogue, readers engage relevant interpersonal issues such as bullying. Readers are then guided to palpable solutions that can be applied to life situations irrespective of time and place. Critical lessons are conveyed in the stories that promote the acquisition and development of humanitarian values (e.g., acceptance; forgiveness; respect; sharing, etc.). Quite masterfully and light-heartedly, The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids series captures youth social dynamics along with its challenges, consequences, celebratory moments, and caveats.

All in all, The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids extends an invitation to examine “the world of children”. It helps demystify—for adults—the entry points of real-life topics that can be difficult for children to understand. Parents, in particular, will rejoice to know that The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids series has made it a bit easier and enjoyable to answer tough questions that children often hurl in their direction. The entire family will be delighted to read, wonder, reason, laugh, and smile as they learn how to negotiate and navigate life through the experiences of The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids!"

Marcus L. Arrington, Ed.D.
Young, Anointed and Empowered Project
Milwaukee, WI

Touches Your Heart
"Some times you come across something that touches your heart. That's what happened for me when I saw The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids by author and illustrator Dionna L. Hayden. If you're a parent who desires to share practical life lessons with your kids or like me your grandchildren, these amazing books are for are for you!"

Melva Henderson, Pastor/ Author
World Outreach & Bible Training Center/ Melva Henderson Ministries
Milwaukee, WI