The Twenty Million Dollar Race

ABOUT Vincent Armstrong

Vincent Armstrong
~~I am a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, and a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I first discovered a passion for writing composing poems and short stories. I love a good story and I am always plotting out that next novel.



The kidnapping of a precious six-year-old girl by the Mafia leads to an outrageous ransom demand of twenty million dollars. With only six weeks to deliver the high price ransom and save the girl’s life, an unprecedented race to attain the money by the abducted girl’s family quickly ensues. As the days tick down to the deadline for the ransom to be paid, a vicious crime spree on an unimaginable scope and level evolves as the entire country becomes glued and riveted to this mega media story.

If a life is worth saving, no amount of money is too much to give.