Dark Flames Rising: A Romantic Suspense Thriller

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Randall Davis

Publisher : Randall S. Davis

Dark Flames Rising: A Romantic  Suspense Thriller

ABOUT Randall Davis

Randall Davis
~~Randall Davis earned a masters from the University of Cincinnati drama program. For several years he staged numerous productions, moving actors as pawns on a spiritual journey. His love of the theatre had him thinking about writing plays, but decided to write novels instead. He has enorm More...



One man aims to destroy her. Another will heal her soul. True evil will lead them both to Hell.

TV reporter Margot Glinn has seen the worst that society has to offer, but nothing will compare to the nightmare she uncovers in her own city.

After discovering that her boss is a member of a sadistic, secret organization bent on total anarchy, Margot will have to summon every ounce of courage to warn an unsuspecting public.

Joel Kellerman’s instant animal attraction to Margot adds to her already all-consuming dilemma. She wants to ignore her feelings for him, but the lure of him is too strong to resist. As she is drawn further into the conflict, her feelings turn from infatuation to burning desire. When he joins her in her quest for justice, she prays that her actions will not put him in harm's way.

As the body count rises and their insatiable passion flares, Margot and Joel are thrust into a vicious cycle of manipulation, whose only outcome will be an all-out rebellion. They will ignite a firestorm that they may not be able to outrun. Can these two lovers save a city, or will a blood bath seal their fate?

1967, 1970, 2009-2014. What do they have in common? And what happens when true evil faces a woman scorned. While running a dating website, I was privy to the tricks men and women use to trap the opposite sex. I wanted to show the absurdity of this -- thus creating my first real villain, Marc Rousseau. As a young man, the war that no one wants to remember affected me--I wanted to somehow use those emotions in this book. And recent events in our history led me to the question: what if a tragedy like Fergusson went too far? And what if someone was orchestrating those events? So I took all that and wrapped it up into a nice little romantic thriller.