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ABOUT Julie Achterhoff

Julie Achterhoff
I'm a people watcher. I love observing people and the human condition. It sure helps me with characters for my books. Every new friend soon becomes my latest specimen!:) I have five awesome children who support me in many ways. I also have a life partner, Ron, who loves me like I never tho More...



A team of metaphysical scientists set out to discover the truth behind the Mayan prophesy that the world is coming to the end of its days on the Solstice in the year 2012. They travel from the Pacific Ocean deep behind the Redwood Curtain, to places all over the world and back, looking for clues in the very deepest part of the human psyche. With the help of a trance channeler they delve into the minds of people who have experienced different types of natural disasters, trying to find the answer to the question of the ages: Do we create our own reality? Could the answer lie with the ones who have watched over us from the very beginning of our existence?