Suddenly Free: Rise of Evil (Volume 1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Christian Books

By Yvette Davis

Publisher : self-published

ABOUT Yvette Davis

Yvette Davis
~~I recently retired from the practice of law. My first book, REAPING-Recession Proof Approach To Gathering Bountiful Harvests, was written while I still labored at my first profession. Now I write for the sheer enjoyment of writing, without the pesky intervention of work. The first Vo More...


The first in a series of End Of Times stories by Yvette Carmon Davis. The author chronicles a future Earth and its inhabitants as they face life, love, death and rebirth and...the emergence of an anti-christ. Set in the days leading up to The Rapture and the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord.

With the assistance of Lucifer, the Antichrist has become the President of the government of the entire world--The United Earth. Lucifer gives him power and control over the people of the planet. The Antichrist thinks he bargains to become the god of this world, and live forever. An unlikely protagonist rises to challenge the Antichrist's grip on the Earth, and Lucifer's control over the Antichrist. The Bible says that Lucifer is defeated in the end. But as this story unfolds, we witness the give and take of the world's most significant conflicts.

~~Review of "Suddenly Free, Rise of Evil" Written by Chaplain Daneta Wright
Yvette Carmon Davis's "Suddenly Free, Rise of Evil" gives a captivating perspective of the Biblical end times yet with a twist of science fiction. This page turning novel keeps the reader in suspense because of the brilliantly written experience of each character and the world they live in. Although "Suddenly Free, Rise of Evil” is a fictional story, there's great truth to be learned from it. I  believe Yvette Carmon Davis is successful in demonstrating the love of God and the Enemy's deceiving ways!  This is not your typical end times novel. A must read.

Chaplain Daneta Wright