Mosquito Attack!: A Norwegian RAF Pilot at War

ABOUT Tor Idar Larsen

Tor Idar Larsen
Tor Idar Larsen, født 8. desember 1980 i Gjøvik, er en norsk forfatter med flere utgivelser som omhandler flyhistorikk og andre verdenskrig. Larsen er utdannet ved Høgskolen i Lillehammer, og arbeider til daglig som konsulent.   2009: Gladiator – Finn Thorsager, fra jage More...



** This electronic edition includes 50 black-and-white photographs **

In 1943, the Norwegian forces formed No. 333 Squadron their third detachment to fly under RAF command. One of its Flights was equipped with de Havilland s modern wonder, the Mosquito, and among its pilots was twenty-oneyear- old Finn Eriksrud. Mosquito Attack! A Norwegian RAF Pilot at War charts his escape from occupied Norway, his travels across the world, his bomber training in Canada, and the reconnaissance and patrol missions he flew over his homeland. By December 1943, all of the original pilots of Finn s squadron had died, either in flying accidents or shot down around the Scandinavian Peninsula. That winter, Finn would himself be forced to bail out over the coast of Norway. He was captured and later imprisoned by the German Luftwaffe in Lower Silesia, and spent the rest of the war as a POW in Stalag Luft III Bellaria. In spite of thoughts of escape, Finn was only able leave the camp when the Germans abandoned it in early 1945. Tor Idar Larsen s narrative is a compelling and well-researched interpretation of Finn Eriksrud s original memoirs, written upon his return to Norway after the war. The result is a unique perspective on the Second World War: it offers fresh insight, not only into the experiences of a Mosquito pilot, but also into the friendships, personal development, and adventures of a young man far from home.

** This electronic edition includes 50 black-and-white photographs **