Nicole's Story: A Good Girl Gone Bad

Family & Relationships, General Fiction

By Sheri Henry-Harrigan

Publisher : Diamond Studded Publications

ABOUT Sheri Henry-Harrigan

Sheri Henry-Harrigan



Sex, lies and betrayal have been a constant in the life of Nicole Jones. At the age of ten she suffered an unspeakable act at the hands of her father’s friend. Nicole finds relief in sex and drugs; leaving her parents at a loss for the change in her behavior.
At age eighteen, Nicole marries and gives birth to a child. Unhappy with her new roles, she continues down a path of self-destruction. After a tragic accident, Nicole has an awakening of sorts and makes the choice to confront her demons. Her first step at healing begins with a visit to her estranged parents. This reconciliation reveals more than Nicole bargained for.
As more lies and betrayals are revealed, Nicole finds herself fighting for her sanity. She realizes she has to forgive the people who hurt her in order to move on. With the help of her best friend Christopher Nicole slowly gains the strength and courage to move past her hurt and pain.
Nicole’s Story is a book filled with non-stop drama. It is the story of a broken young girl desperate to be at peace.