ABOUT Raisa Stone

Raisa Stone
Hello, I'm Raisa Marika Stohyn, usually known as Raisa Stone in North America. I live in BC and love doing storytelling performances and book readings. I've spent a lifetime collecting stories and recipes from European refugees and immigrants. As I live in the largest Ukrainian population More...


Based upon the Ukrainian creation myth, Rosie's Rescue is a cross between Harry Potter and The Black Stallion---with a courageous girl leading the way.

Rosie's got big problems. Her best friend has joined the Mean Girls, she's stuck riding a bike instead of a horse, and Mom's nagging about weight.

Rosie's life takes a sudden turn when she rescues a tiny frozen spider. She zooms into a mystical universe where horses need her as much as she needs them, she's surrounded by loyal friends, and she feels fine just the way she is.

Why does Rosie feel as if something important is still missing? As she travels deeper and deeper into galaxies woven by Grandmother Spider, she uncovers family secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Will the Golden Magic she must learn, heal broken hearts and dreams?