Bloodlust Book One in the Casting Stones Trilogy Digital Edition Tiffany Luv Wright

ABOUT Tiffany Luv Wright

Tiffany Luv Wright
Tiffany Luv Wright tastes life in big gulps. Her Cherokee and Blackfoot Indian heritage gives her a powerful sense of place yet she also is possessed by a spirit of adventure, having travelled and lived abroad over the years. Ms. Wright has a deep appreciation for all things natural, whims More...


Young Jaxx had everything a girl could dream of, until she discovers her life’s mission in the mines of New Mexico, beginning a descent in to a world of witchcraft, ancient demon enemies, and Immortal lives. It is on this journey she realizes that growing up means coming to terms with the eternal battle between good and evil, and the line blurring at every turn.

Bloodlust, the first in a trilogy by Tiffany Luv Wright,  introduces powerful enemies and fictional characters, as well as a strong and independent young heroine. Jaxx had moved around her entire life, until settling in Silver City, NM., where she meets the best friends she cannot imagine her life without.

Our heroine enters into a world of witchcraft handed down in her family for centuries, and learns that sometimes you have to hold on to those friendships in the physical and spiritual world in order to continue the journey. Gut-wrenching losses, eternal battles between good and evil, and finally able to let go of the material world, Jaxx slides in to an Underworld where witches, spirits, Immortals, Lusts, and other demonic creatures rule.

Jaxx loses some of the people closest to her and gains new relationships that are furious with love and purpose. The evil lurking right around the corner is bad enough, but when she realizes how fine the line is between good and evil, it threatens to consume all of the love she has known. She draws her power from earthly stones, and each person has a power connected to the elemental stones destined to them. As her battle pushes on, she realizes that she has only tapped the surface of what exists in our world. Join the beginning of Jaxx’s journey with The Hive Publications’ irresistible Bloodlust, Book One in the Casting Stones Trilogy.