ABOUT Robert A Webster

Robert A Webster
Robert A. Webster is a multi-genre author based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Originally from Cleethorpes, UK, he embodies both hearty wit and adventurous vigor, making his prose insanely memorable and incessantly enjoyable. His unique brand of snarky humour and imaginative storytelling brea More...



Three Hilarious South East Asian Adventures.

Siam Storm — A Thailand Adventure.

Spock and Stu are excited, with each having their own thoughts and expectations about their upcoming holiday to Thailand. The pair are in agreement however, on what their dream vacation is going to entail: plenty of parties, lots of raunchy sex, copious amounts of beer, and balmy days chillaxing and drinking cocktails on warm sandy beaches.

Boy, are they in for a shock.

Once you pick up this hilarious adventure and start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down - Dinorah Blackman, ‘Readers favorite’...5 star rating.

When a golden box containing the dental remains of the Buddha is stolen and its guardian monks murdered, Pon, the surviving combatant monk, is sent on a quest to retrieve the holy item.
The search takes Pon from his isolated Thai monastery in the Cardamom jungle to Cambodia. After discovering that the man responsible has fled to Thailand, Pon sets off in pursuit. Little does he know that he is about to run into Stu, Spock, and their new pal, Nick, who is not only thrifty, but also very accident-prone.
The lovable English rogues amazing holiday doesn't last long for they soon stumble across the holy box and, unaware of its sacred contents, replace them with Nick’s knocked out dentures, after yet another calamity. Pon then pursues Stu and Spock to the tranquil island of Koh Samet, calamity follows and they are all swept up into a new kind of adventure.

The fun has only just begun...

Chalice — A Cambodian Adventure.

Staring down at the culmination of his life’s work, Professor Norman Rumble is horrified and unable to comprehend what has happened? How could he have known?

The hilarious sequel to the Siam Storm adventure.

This time, Stu and Spock team up with Pon to recover the once-again stolen the holy relic, though this time it’s disappeared for an even stranger and more astonishing reason. The pursuit takes them to Cambodia, where they need to thwart plans that have the potential to change the human race, and turn Spock and Stu into fruit-based drinkers.

Bimat — A Vietnamese Adventure.

Who in their right mind would kidnap the daughter of a high-ranking Vietnamese National Assembly member and a mad monk’s wife...moreover, for what reason?

The third part of the brilliantly-funny, Siam Storm series.

Spock and Stu are having an intellectual debate about saggy boobs when Pon phones with his disturbing news. They know that they must go to be by his side until things can be resolved. Spock and Stu now live in Pattaya with their wives, Dao and Moo. The past few years have been idyllic, with them both settling into to married life and any thoughts of adventure far behind them. Though Pon sounded anxious on the phone, the lads are sure that he is fretting over nothing. However, just in case, Spock takes his adventure hat along.

When our heroes are two lovable English rogues and a mad Thai monk, what can possibly go wrong?