Horizons: A New World Order Series (The Rise Book 1)

ABOUT Steven Atwood

Steven Atwood
My life had its ups and downs, like most people. Along the way, I met my beautiful wife who saved me. I was in the darkest part of my life at the time, practically lived in seclusion even though I had a roommate. I smoked, drank very heavily, believed everyone owed me something, and I had  More...



Agent Tyler Kerry promised his wife that this would be his last mission.

Fearing a biological war, his station chief ordered Tyler to rescue Liam Stinar from the Horizons terrorist group and their leader, David Fox. With his particle beam pistol in hand and his partner by his side, they head to northern Old California to take them out. Will Tyler save the upcoming President of the United European States? Will he keep his promise to his wife and save his marriage?