Outcast (COG series Book 2)

Outcast (COG series Book 2)

ABOUT Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson
I'm the author of the paranormal novel, Closet. I have mixed elements of fantasy fiction with the supernatural.I enjoy writing and reading material dealing with paranormal activity. I believe Jesus conquers all and this is the general theme in the books I hope to write. I'm a Christian a More...



Are you ready for an adventure to find lost souls? Derek has just rescued his family from the evil witch Sally and the ruthless demon Rah. But Timothy wasn't the only child Rah wanted to sacrifice. There were others rescued from certain death. It looked like there would be a happy ending, but then tragedy struck. After the great battle, moms and dads only had to look on the victor on the hill, but all decided to give into fear and looked upon a beast instead. What should have been cries of joy ended up being cries of heartache and anguish as all the parents vanished, leaving behind precious children.

Now a decision has to be made.Who will go and look for the lost parents? The only man up to the task is Derek. He has grown much since his first encounters with the workers of evil. He struggled at times, but wisdom, courage, and a renewed mind was given to him. He has seen the destructive nature of Rah and Sally and was able to overcome near death experiences. But he won’t be alone. I new friend named Jacob decides to help Derek in this important task.

Both Derek and Jacob know the task ahead of them won’t be easy. They will face trials that will make everything done in the past seem like child’s play. There will be both friends and foes. There will be elves and dwarfs. There will be a great battle with trolls and a dragon.

Who will win in the search for the lost souls? Are the elves friends? Why are the dwarfs on top of a mountain? Will the dragon kill Derek before he can finish his rescue mission? Will Derek’s powerful friends show up in time?

All these questions and more will be answered in this epic tale of adventure. Are you ready for this thrill ride?