The Bayshore Mysteries: Mystery on Mound Island (Book 4)

The Bayshore Mysteries: Mystery on Mound Island (Book 4)

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Jerrye Sumrall



Something strange is happening on Mound Island!

First, Jeff heard strange stories about the island. Then, Grandpa Douglas said it might be cursed, or even haunted. Next, Jeff and his pals plan an overnight campout on the island. What is going on there? Is it haunted? Is it cursed? Could the strange stories be true? Jeff knows he has to find out.

Jeff Douglas and his pals solve another mystery when they go to Mound Island, once the home of an ancient group of Indians who built earthen mounds there. A climb up an Indian Mound, missing artifacts, a strange man, a ghostly figure, a scary night search, and a run-in with some dangerous thieves reveal the island’s amazing past and teach the kids valuable lessons about courage, self-reliance, and respect for others.

Mystery on Mound Island is the fourth book in The Bayshore Mysteries. Be sure to watch for the fifth book in the series, The Ghost of Blakeley Past.