The Bayshore Mysteries:The Ghost of Blakeley Past (Book 5)

The Bayshore Mysteries:The Ghost of Blakeley Past (Book 5)

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Jerrye Sumrall



Something strange is happening at Blakeley State Park!

First, Jeff hears strange stories about the park. Then, there is talk about a ghost. Next, Jeff and his pals plan an overnight camping trip to the historic site. What is going on there? Are the strange stories true? Will they meet a ghost? Jeff knows he has to find out.

Jeff Douglas and his pals solve an exciting mystery when they go to Historic Blakeley State Park, the site of the last major battle of the Civil War, Fort Blakeley, and the location of the 1814 town of Blakeley. An exciting trek through the park, a strange presence, a scary night search, and a threatening storm are all part of their adventure. As they embark on their amazing journey, they learn valuable lessons in friendship and courage, and discover the amazing Civil War history of Historic Blakeley State Park.

The Ghost of Blakeley Past is the fifth book in The Bayshore Mysteries. Be sure to look for the other four books in the series.