Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Official 150th Anniversary Edition Unabridged Graphic Novel

ABOUT Glenn Diddit

Glenn Diddit
I've been an illustrator for a long time, and have lately started to focus on promoting literacy for all age groups. My adaptations of Lewis Carroll's English classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland marry vivid images to the unabridged written word. This is the original word-for-word stor More...



Follow Alice as she again dives down the rabbit hole into a classical world of wonderful imagination. color> This special unabridged BLACK & WHITE graphic novel edition was produced to mark the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The unique, fully illustrated design will encourage even the most reluctant reader! Alice and the White Rabbit ("I'm late!"), the Cheshire cat ("A grin without a cat!"), the March Hare, Mad Hatter and Dormouse (treacle and twinkle) and the impassioned Queen of Hearts ("Off with their head!"): all are characters who have remained enchanting to both children and adults for a century and a half, and now a visual age can enjoy this enduring classic.

Twenty years in the making, this is the first word-for-word adaptation that incorporates illustrations reminiscent of Sir John Tenniel's classic Victorian woodcuts. The art is rich and lavish, filled with hidden pictures and visual easter eggs. Be it your first time to Wonderland or a return visit, join the celebration of over 150 years of Alice. (Many people think they've visited this enduring dreamworld, with its blue caterpillar and mushrooms, but how many are aware Lewis Carroll's true Alice grew a long neck that moved like a serpent?)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was the first "real" book I read in elementary school. It inspired me to think outside my little world, and fostered a lifetime love for reading. When I got my first opportunity to see a dramatized television version, I was dismayed to see it was NOT true to the story. My disappointment compounded when I systematically discovered there were NO accurate adaptations of this Wonderful little book! So I adapted this, my own all-inclusive vision of what I'd read that had opened my youthful imagination. I want modern, visually driven audiences to meet the true Alice, so I designed this accurate adaptation to appeal to as many people as possible. Readers and visual learners/'non-readers' alike will enjoy it! This is my opportunity to more accurately present Lewis Carroll's true tale of Alice.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the full-color, graphic novel adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic, fantastic adventure of a young girl who follows a white rabbit and becomes lost in a topsy-turvy magical world. Faithful to the original novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland perfectly captures the sharp-edged wit and wisecracking of the original. Best of all, dialogue of the original novel is completely unabridged - readers can enjoy the full literary experience! A treasure for all ages, and a "must-have" for any collection featuring graphic novels adaptations of works that have stood the test of time ~ Midwest Book Review