Sarah's Sight: Book II Shadows and Light

Sarah's Sight: Book II Shadows and Light

ABOUT Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson

Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson
Debra Robinson is an Appalachian author and professional musician. Three years in a haunted house at a young age started Debra on her quest to understand the paranormal.  Debra has signed song many contracts  and had one placed in a  Matthew McConaughey film trailer. Debra’s has nonf More...



A powerful new leader arises within the demonic realm. He has engineered a portal to earth with mirrors and gained millions of followers as the Reverend William Manning. He is evil incarnate, and well on track to be elected the next President of the United States.

Sarah Brandon has barely adjusted to being back on earth when Charlie returns with a message; her last trip was only a test, now she’s needed to save the world.

Sarah must die again, returning to that strange world between life and death to find the hidden mirror that controls the entire portal system. Powerful forces set into motion centuries before prove that Sarah must not only save the earth, but those she loves the most.

Sarah’s Sight, Book II in the Shadows and Light Series, picks up where the bestselling Sarah’s Shadows ends, spinning an intricate web of horror.