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The Flash
The tall and handsome man stood on the top of the hill, staring in disbelief. A plethora of wild animals made their way along the wide and fast-flowing river, a river which cut through the deep canyon around him. The man stared intently at the diverse set of animals scrambling along the river banks. Wolves running beside deer made no attempt to kill their natural prey. Hyenas sprinted alongside the lions and elephants. Snakes slithered next to quickly hopping mice.
His eyes narrowed as the skies darkened. He glanced up. dense cloud of speckled dots soared above. White, black, and gray birds flapped their wings, almost in unison, as they worked their way in the same direction. He glanced back to the water below. Waves of tan and garbles men, women, and children followed the marching animals. They scampered in and out of the surrounding foliage as they went along.
William could only wonder, why? He shifted his curious gaze to the horizon.
William felt the cold water rushing along the tops of his feet. He turned to his left and gasped. A huge but primitive ship seemingly hovered above the water before him. He knew where he was.
He whispered excitedly, "The Trial of Babylon!"
He caught the eye of a beautiful woman within the slow-moving sea of naked humans. She stopped. William could swear he saw hints of red flicker behind her colorless eyes. She smiled. He smiled in return.
The woman disappeared. A huge black snake twisted in the water where the lady once stood. He could see an arm appear from under the surface and splash back below. Her head broke the surface only for a split second as the snake entangled itself around the beautiful woman. He felt his stomach turn as the final scream of the snake's prey fell upon deaf ears.
William glanced around to see if anybody else saw what he did. Nobody stopped moving. Not one of the advancing humans stopped or glanced in the direction of the black snake's attack.
He heard a familiar voice, "William, it's time to wake up."
The cold water no longer slapped against his ankles. He wiggled his toes and felt the warmth of the blankets work its way up his legs. Something shifted in the bed beside him. He turned and stared. The long, black hair flowed from the sleeping woman. He reached over and ran his fingers along her silky threads.
The same voice called again, "William, it's time to wake up."
He watched the silky strands of midnight fall gracefully across the black-haired woman's back as she rose from the bed. Her curvy outline glistened as she slipped out of her bedtime attire and put on her work clothes. He smiled. She smiled and whispered, "Goodbye, I will miss you."
The familiar voice interrupted again, "William, time to wake up."
He sighed and opened his eyes again. He recognized the ceiling above. The daylight crept into the room as it found a weakness in the curtain's defenses. He wiped the sleep from his eyes as he realized he had been dreaming. Not just one dream, but a dream within a dream. He sighed.
He sat up and stared across the room. His shoes sat upon a chair in the corner. He put his foot down on the floor and quickly recoiled from the cold bite of the tile below. William sat with his legs crossed as he considered the dreams. Were they the future? The past? He never knew. But they occurred more often now. He grew concerned over their meaning. He's always had these types of dreams. Always thought they were just part of growing up. But until he talked to his mother a few seasons ago, he never knew they meant something. He never knew his family's gift.
"William, time to wake up!" called the voice, louder than before.
"I'm up!" William yelled at the closed door.
"About time!" called his mother from the opposite side. He smirked. He knew his mother, Susan as she is known to everybody else, was keeping him to a schedule.