Deadstock: The Story of a Wall Street Trader

ABOUT Antony Hammond & Tom Robertson

Antony Hammond & Tom Robertson
We are Effhaus Publishing, proud to present Deadstock: The Story of a Wall Street Trader, a novel by Antony Hammond and Tom Robertson.


In a time when greed is good and money talks, one man has had enough of living in the big, rotten apple. 1986 is coming to an end, the economy is booming, Manhattan looks beautifully white and festive from the back of his private limo. From the outside he seems to have it all, the great job, the money, the clothes, the looks, the women but Toby Robinson is having a crisis of conscience. A typical small town guy who just wanted to make it big in the city but no sooner had his dreams came true he started to see how different dreams where once they became reality.

As two ex-workmates and soon to be good friends, we one day decided to write an amusing anecdotal novella based on our time together at a previous employment. The joint venture went so well we foolishly decided to write a 'proper novel' as we put it, and so after a couple of years of pregnancies, weddings, new jobs, toing and froing, we eventually managed to complete our first real novel together, Deadstock: The Story of a Wall Street Trader!