My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel

My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel

ABOUT Tanya Peterson

Tanya Peterson
First, the formal stuff:  I hold a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, Master of Science in counseling, and am a Nationally Certified Counselor.  I have been a teacher and a counselor in various settings, including a traditional high school and an alternative school for homeless  More...


"Great and Healing Read," Sandra Stiles

From the author of Leave of Absence comes another compelling tale of the human psyche. A brilliant and talented man crippled by extreme anxiety and panic attacks, Brian has carefully crafted his world so that his interactions with others are severely limited.

Although incapable of changing his situation, he discovers that, somehow, he is the only person seven-year-old Abigail can trust. Having bounced from one foster home to another, she has unexpectedly come to live with a childless uncle and aunt she has never known.